Featured Experts

Princeton faculty members have long been at the frontier of environmental research, launching new fields of inquiry and deepening knowledge across and between a broad array of disciplines. Meet some of our founding scholars in environmental studies and a selection of our many leading researchers.


Sigrid Adriaenssens
Design of lightweight, large-scale protective structures for extreme events
Jeanne Altmann
Ecology, evolution, animal behavior, primatology
Craig Arnold
Energy storage and conversion technology
José Avalos
Microbial engineering for renewable energy and sustainable manufacturing
Michael Bender
Glacial-interglacial climate changes and the global carbon cycle
João Biehl
Anthropology, Amazonia, environmental humanities, biocultural diversity, planetary health, human rights and social movements
Elie Bou-Zeid
Earth science, environmental modeling, urban microclimates, environmental fluid mechanics and transport
Ian Bourg
Geology, geochemistry and water
Michael Celia
Groundwater and geological carbon storage
Minjie Chen
Power electronics at the grid’s edge
Paul Chirik
Sustainable chemistry
Steven Cowley
Fusion energy
Janet Currie
Environmental economist focusing on disparities in health impacts
Andy Dobson
Biodiversity conservation and the ecology of infectious diseases in different social systems.
Stephan Fueglistaler
Atmospheric physics and dynamics, climate change
Mario Gandelsonas
Architecture, urbanism and sustainability
Peter Grant
Biodiversity, and evolution in response to extreme events
Chris Greig
Rapid decarbonization of energy systems
Bryan Grenfell
The spatial and temporal interaction of infectious diseases
John Haldon
Environmental history, Byzantine and Ottoman empires
Lars Hedin
How ecosystems function in the biosphere
Isaac Held
climate modeling, climate change, and the large-scale structure of the atmospheric circulation
John Higgins
Geochemistry and paleoclimate
Peter Jaffé
Water quality, biodegradation of toxic pollutants
Jesse Jenkins
Macro-energy systems and deep decarbonization
Egemen Kolemen
Experimental plasma physics for fusion energy
Karl Kusserow
American art, visual culture and the environment, ecocriticism, environmental justice, history of ecological thought and animal studies
Ching-Yao Lai
Geophysics, climate science and ice shelves
Melissa Lane
Politics, democracy and climate change
Eric Larson
Clean-energy technologies