Featured Experts

Princeton faculty members have long been at the frontier of environmental research, launching new fields of inquiry and deepening knowledge across and between a broad array of disciplines. Meet some of our founding scholars in environmental studies and a selection of our many leading researchers.


Isaac Held
Climate modeling, climate change, and the large-scale structure of the atmospheric circulation
John Higgins
Geochemistry and paleoclimate
Allan Hsiao
Environmental and development economics, the causes and consequences of climate change
Peter Jaffé
Water quality, biodegradation of toxic pollutants
Jesse Jenkins
Macro-energy systems and deep decarbonization
Yiguang Ju
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Bruce Koel
Surface science for energy and the environment
Egemen Kolemen
Experimental plasma physics for fusion energy
Karl Kusserow
American art, visual culture and the environment, ecocriticism, environmental justice, history of ecological thought and animal studies
Ching-Yao Lai
Geophysics, climate science and ice shelves
Melissa Lane
Politics, democracy and climate change
Eric Larson
Clean energy technologies
Ramanan Laxminarayan
Public health, the economy, and the study of infectious disease. Antibiotic resistance.
Simon Levin
Theoretical and applied ecology, infectious diseases and ecological economics
Jonathan Levine
Biodiversity and global change ecology
Paul Lewis
Ning Lin
Climate change impact and adaptation; risk analysis; wind and coastal engineering
Yueh-Lin (Lynn) Loo
Solar energy conversion, emerging materials development
Adam Maloof
Paleoclimate, early animal evolution, and the carbon cycle
Syukuro (Suki) Manabe
Climate modeling
Christos Maravelias
Process systems engineering for chemical synthesis and energy systems modeling
Denise Mauzerall
Investigating interconnections between energy options, climate, air pollution, and public health
Reed Maxwell
Investigating water systems large and small
Anne McClintock
Gender, race and sexuality studies, environmentalism and climate change, culture and multi-media studies, globalization, settler colonialism, militarization, and animal studies
Forrest Meggers
High performance building systems
C. Jessica Metcalf
Public health, climate, and the study of infectious disease
Robert Nixon
Relationship between environmental activism and the arts
Guy Nordenson
Architecture, climate adaptation and flood hazards mitigation
Michael Oppenheimer
Sea level rise, its projected effects on coastal flooding and public policies to adapt
Stephen Pacala
Global change with an emphasis on interactions among the biosphere, greenhouse gases and climate