Featured Experts

Princeton faculty members have long been at the frontier of environmental research, launching new fields of inquiry and deepening knowledge across and between a broad array of disciplines. Meet some of our founding scholars in environmental studies and a selection of our many leading researchers.


Wei Peng
Energy systems models; climate policies and decarbonization strategies
Catherine Peters
Geologic sequestration of CO2, geothermal energy production and hydrofracking
Samuel G.H. (George) Philander
Tropical oceans, La Nina and El Nino weather patterns
Amilcare Porporato
Sustainable use of soil and water resources
Robert Pringle
Ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem rehabilitation
Anu Ramaswami
Urban infrastructures, sustainability, health and equity
V. "Ram" Ramaswamy
Climate Science and Modeling
Barry Rand
Thin film materials for electronics
Zhiyong (Jason) Ren
Water-energy nexus
Laure Resplandy
Climate and ocean modeling, marine biogeochemistry and ecosystems
Daniel Rubenstein
Behavioral ecology and conservation
Jorge Sarmiento
Climate change impacts on ocean biology, biogeochemistry, ocean productivity, and fisheries and the role of the Southern Ocean in determining the air-sea balance of carbon dioxide
Blair Schoene
Geology, thermochronology, radiogenic isotope tracing, structural analysis, and geochemistry
Timothy Searchinger
Food, agriculture and climate change
Daniel Sigman
Global cycles of biologically important elements and their interaction with climate, today and over time
Peter Singer
Bioethics, climate, ethics and animals, and poverty
James Smith
Hydrology and hydrometeorology
Robert Socolow
Solutions to climate change
Mary (Cassie) Stoddard
Sensory ecology, evolution and behavior
Corina Tarnita
Theoretical biology and complex systems
Eric Tate
Environmental Humanities; Environmental Policy and Ethics; Urban Systems and Resilience; Water and Biogeochemistry
Gabriel Vecchi
Climate science, extreme weather events, hurricanes, mechanisms of precipitation variability and change; ocean atmosphere interaction; detection and attribution
Gabriele Villarini
Water, climate and energy; hydrology and the atmospheric environment; floods; hurricanes; predictions and projections
Bridgett vonHoldt
Evolutionary genomics and epigenetics
Bess Ward
Geosciences, oceans and marine life; environmental studies
Elke Weber
Human judgment and decision making
Jeffrey Whetstone
Environmental humanities, landscape depiction and environmental portraiture
Claire White
Materials for civil and environmental applications, sustainable cement
David Wilcove
Conservation biology and policy
Robert Williams
Environmental studies