Win the game, save the planet

Aug. 17, 2022

38 young professionals from around the world sat in the halls of Princeton, tasked with creating an energy mix that  balanced national and world clean energy goals with power reliability and affordability. 

It was just a game, but a daunting challenge nevertheless: Find a way to ramp up energy production to serve a growing population, without increasing net carbon emissions, by 2050. The board game on the electricity sector was the centerpiece of “Advancing the Global Energy Transition,” a four day executive education program at Princeton University for the World Economic Forum's  Young Global Leaders class. The class of corporate, government, and non-profit leaders engaged with Princeton experts to better understand the climate and energy challenges of today and tomorrow. The goal was to help the participants grasp both how their organizations may be affected by these difficult, global problems and how they can lead in addressing them. 

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